A decorated veteran, Mustafa Çınar (1898-1961) returns home to Obruk in the province Konya after the War of Independence and declaration of the new republic. After being a farmer for some time, he starts with the newly found post- and telegraphy ministry and becomes responsible for the upkeep and repair of the telephone- and telegraph lines in the district. Being at the beginning the only household with a telephone, his family quickly acquired the nickname Telefoncular (the ones with a telephone or the one who deals with all matters telephone).

The Çınar family choose to honour the tradition and used the nickname for their newly established company.


Our mission is to be the most preferred business partner in market as a company which does not make concessions to business ethics, honesty, respect, trust and quality in accordance with our main assets. As a corporate company which provides all kinds of technical and technological requirements in sector, adapting the innovation and technology in its system within constant development understanding and aims the best in accordance with the expectations of our customers, it is our priority to protect the stability in customer satisfaction and quality.


Our vision is to be "a leading company in sector" with the our understanding which adapts the qualified and efficient production approach to its suppliers, employees and customers, provides the high level customer satisfaction and provides more than the expected with the continuous development awareness.



Telefoncular has become the first certified partner of SSAB in Turkey



We Work Customer Focused

We innovate and re-structure with a view to customer needs and complaints. Regularly carried out customer satisfaction research and the expectations of our sector determine new dimensions to be added to the sector. Feedback is examined by experts and shapes together with our zero defect policy our efforts.

We Give Value to Our Employees

We are aware, that achieving a high level of customer satisfaction rests on the satisfaction levels of our employees. Therefore, we strive to provide our services to our customers with staff who knowingly own their work, are solution driven, team players and keen to develop themselves.

We Follow Technology

Our company follows the developments and innovations in the sector with the aim to provide for our employees and our customers the right solutions.


We minimize pollution and damage to the environment by taking the factors causing the environmental pollution under control.

We fulfill our legal requirements and we obey the environmental legislation.

We minimise our effects on the environment by using the best possible technology during our activities.

We research ways to decrease, re-use and recycle pollutant waste, in order to prevent environmental pollution.

We undertake to prevent using unnecessary resources and to increase product quality through our constantly developing systems.

We share our research into protecting the environment with our employees, customers and suppliers; we endeavour to provide the adoptation as life philosophy and we train regularly.